About Us

Founded by a bunch of closely-knitted friends eons ago, KIYAH-SPLASHH is a dragonboat team that thrives on competing with the best in Singapore. Our philosophy is to achieve dominance in the local dragonboat scene whilst pretending to train very hard. No one else has seen through our pretense yet so we are hell bent on keeping up appearances.

Kiyah-Splashh! in 2003

We have a propensity to either wear very skimpy clothing (usually very ancient ripped teeshirts/shorts) or just appear topless (only for the boys, unfortunately). Despite the love handles and flabby arms, we are undoubtedly shameless about our bodies. To us, everyone is beautiful (in his/her own special way).

Browse through this blog quickly – you might get addicted to dragonboat paddling just like any of us. If you think you are equally pretentious, shameless and humourous, write to us soon. We’ll prove you wrong.

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