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Hi Team! I’m currently down with Chicken Pox. And while y’all are enjoying the sun and having great food out there, I’m “cooped” up at home with the itch that won’t go away. Hence, I am unable to attend this Sunday’s training till the doctor gives me the thumbs-up sign. It’s torture just not allowing [...]

We Are One.

“Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity.” -Vince Lombardi – Trust your partner, trust your teammates. The team that rows together, wins together. Singapore Dragonboat Festival 2010, here we come…!

More of us got one star liao!

It all started with a few Kiyah-Splahhies going on an excursion to the National Stadium Theaterette in May 2007 to watch This is the Sea, a documentary on sea-kayaking directed by award-winning filmmaker Justine Curgenven. The ringleader of the bunch was none other than Roland, who is an avid and experienced sea-kayaker himself. Fourteen months [...]

And now they are one

If you haven’t already heard the news by now, a major event happened on 7 June 2008.  :-) No, we’re not talking about the start of Euro 2008, but something wonderfully joyous and far closer to our minds and hearts. On that day, fellow Kiyah-Splashhies Raymond and Joycelyn officially tied the knot to start a new chapter in their lifes [...]

Kang get enough

This team has always been fortunate to have many ’crouching tigers’ and ‘hidden dragons’ in its midst.  Just browse through the archives to discover some of Kiyah-Splashh!’s latent talents for yourself.  But right here and now, we turn the spotlight on Haikang, whom some of us know affectionately as ”Kang Kang”.  Besides being a jet-setting financial engineer and loving hubby, as [...]

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