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Hi Team! I’m currently down with Chicken Pox. And while y’all are enjoying the sun and having great food out there, I’m “cooped” up at home with the itch that won’t go away. Hence, I am unable to attend this Sunday’s training till the doctor gives me the thumbs-up sign. It’s torture just not allowing [...]

Pei a visit to London

London is not my one of my usual work destinations but going to the London office for meetings sounded much palatable than getting stranded in Riyadh over the weekend. On the 9th April, drove down to Borough Market in my rental car, a very nice Opel Insignia and left it at Park Street. I walked [...]


“Where are you now?  Where do you want to be?  How do you get there?” – Guolong Find your answers. Take action. Or be content in being mediocre.

Eugene gets lucky!

I was chatting with Eugene online yesterday, and he mentioned to me a ‘memorable’ outing he had with his Marriott colleagues at China One. Apparently there were several good-looking ladies, but somehow only one keep sticking to him the whole nite (like super glue, you know?). Let the pictures speak for themselves… To Eugene, this [...]

Burn Water Burn!

It was a heart-thumping and blistering race from the start to finish line. The team comprising Kiyah-Splashhies Jay, Roland, Steven Tan and Guolong had led the pack in the 5-crew men’s open grand finals race up till the very last few metres. Surging ahead at the starts Alas! In the end, Mountbatten CSC Team “A” [...]

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