Hi Team!

I’m currently down with Chicken Pox. And while y’all are enjoying the sun and having great food out there, I’m “cooped” up at home with the itch that won’t go away. Hence, I am unable to attend this Sunday’s training till the doctor gives me the thumbs-up sign. It’s torture just not allowing me to do what I love to do. *sighs*

So I’d hope you guys put in more grit behind each stroke, and train hard. Think of your sick Team Manager, and imagine how much she’d wanna be there with y’all.

As we are all waiting for news of our first race in April, there’s another event that I’d be participating in, as part of a corporate family day event. It’s happening in March, and I betcha it’s going to be fun. This is my second time helping my brother-in-law out, and I can only say that I’m honoured to be invited to take part in this exciting occasion.

I’d very much want to register the team for this, but due to the nature of the event; it’s highly unlikely that they would want a professional team in to sweep in on the medals. :P

The only thing I can do is encourage y’all to go down and experience the atmosphere. For our newer paddlers, do experience what it feels like to be watching from the shore. And you’d think that people are not watching ya; They actually ARE. If you watch any of those dragon boat Youtube videos, the boat with the best coordination and drive will usually result being the fastest.

So let’s remind ourselves that our “TOGETHERNESS” in the boat is very important. All you need is one person to screw it up and we’d be behind. Let’s continue to work on that, and motivate the team to work harder than before. I’d share more details on the coporate family race when I’m back.

So I’d like to end this note with the same drill we’d end our trainings,

“Kiyah-Splashh! WHOOooooooOOOOSH!”

Take care and pox out :)

Pei a visit to London

London is not my one of my usual work destinations but going to the London office for meetings sounded much palatable than getting stranded in Riyadh over the weekend.

On the 9th April, drove down to Borough Market in my rental car, a very nice Opel Insignia and left it at Park Street. I walked a few steps towards the London Bridge Tube Station and met Wei Hann. Richard Thiang arrived not too long after and the 3 of us were then waiting for Jen and Sean Chua. Jen and Sean were apparently having a wild shopping frenzy during their London-Paris pleasure trip. Soon all 5 of us were tucking into a hearty lunch and heartier conversation.

It was a beautiful and sunny Saturday morning; Borough Market was abuzz with activity. As we navigated around the displays of fresh produce, food, and flowers, we reveled in all the sights, sounds and tastes on offer. Acting like real tourists, obligatory souvenir photos in front of the London Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast were taken. However to me, the best part of this is just about meeting up outside of Singapore, reminiscing the good old times and discussing about the sport that bonded us together…”

- Mr Gwee Pei Chuan, President of Kiyah-Splashh! Dragon boat team, 2008 – 2010

Photos courtesy of Jen

It’s the ladies turn…

… to bag a silver in the 5 men crew race! Congrats Ladies!

Last year was a bronze, this year a silver, maybe next year a gold? :)

The race of the season is coming up! How will the team fare in the 28th River Regatta 2010?

Can’t wait. :D

Recruits, Paddles Up!

Orientation for the 2nd Half of Year 2010 was conducted on the 1st August at Kallang Water Sports Centre. The heavy downpours the days before granted us a bright sunny day to welcome our baby Dragons. :)
Our highly anticipated Orientation had us seeing a huge turnout that Sunday. With prior experience to rowing or not, I’m pretty sure the newbies had fun. If it isn’t so, there’s still a nice  bronze tan to show off after. *Winks*

Let's get the strokes right!

A special thanks to current Kiyah-Splashhies who came down to assist in the orientation.

Don't play play with our resident Ah Lian - Ting Ting.

Oh look! What’s here?

So that’s one Kiyah-Splashhie! known. Many more Kiyah-Splashhie! ZOOM-INs to come. Check back for more!


I hope all who joined us for Orientation had fun, and hopefully decide to join the Kiyah-Splashh! family.  You will take with you new friendships, a healthier and fitter body, a stronger discipline-instilled mindset and a new found love for the stinky Kallang waters.

All of these, for only a small Season Fee.

Hey, nothing is free in this world. :D


PAY UP OR… would you like a new coat of paint for your door? :p


All photos courtesy of Doc. Ivan Shim.


Your wunderfool Treasurer. $$$

We Are One.

“Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity.” -Vince Lombardi


Trust your partner, trust your teammates.

The team that rows together, wins together.

Singapore Dragonboat Festival 2010, here we come…!

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