Singapore River Regatta 2012

After a long hard months of training, the day finally came ! Singapore River Regatte
3 – 4 Nov @ Singapore River :)
I will be rowing in three category :
Ladies Team , 22 Mixed Crew and 12 PA Gro Mix
Totally excited for the race till I am way too lazy to take photos , all these photo below
is taken from Jonathan Heng DSLR ! He have a travel blog website, you can actually
check out this website at
This is actually our 2nd day of race and ladies will be rowing first , so here
we are gathering and thanks to Mabel for preparing egg mayo for everyone :)
The eye mayo is really super nice till I ate today and yesterday too !
Posing to the camera :)
Everyone of us is super excited for the race itself and also at the same time
we are actually enjoying eating the bread + egg mayo !
This is Kiyah-Splash Ladies team !
One ladies team photo before we head down to water and row :)
See our happy face ! On the shore I can actually laugh but then when I am inside
the boat , i start to trick my mind to the race mood , by telling myself that
I can do it and I began to enter into flow theory !

Photo of us Ladies Team rowing to the starting point !
Can you spot me where I am seating inside the boat ?
One of the photo taken during the process of the Ladies Team Rowing !
Overall , Ladies Team done a good job in the way we manage to pull through till
the end and at the same time , we got the feedback from the drummer and people
in the shore that everyone in the boat is row together :)
Good Team work ! Good JOB girls !
22 Mixed Did a great job too ! Our timing is really awesome and we managed to beat
the timing of a school team and our timing is top 5 at the mixed
category ! :) Good Job People !

After rowing our 22 MIXED , when we come up the shore , sudden heavy pour !

So we just gather at our area , and I do not know why suddenly we got the feel

to take photo ! Everyone suddenly super high  ! Check out our facial expression : )

Here come our GUYS!

Ladies Team :)
check out our happy face : )
Laughing so happily because jeremy trying to hard to get himself
inside the picture . He try about 2 times fail but at the third time
he managed to get himself inside the photo !
Check out the photo below !
Nice photo!
Because everyone in the photo is smiling happily , even though
we didnt win anything , but then we know we row our best and the main
thing is about team work and it not always about winning ! :)

But if win , that will be the bonus !
Wondering why is this guy posing TWIST? Because
previously my blog banner picture , i post it with a twist :) I guess the picture
look “nice” till my team-mates keep disturbing me with the twist photo !
This two guy is my BEST supporter of my blog , they are CK and Jon
when i have a new post or video up,
they will never fail to read it and laugh at i -__- ! If anyone need someone to do an video
for your company , you can actually find them , because they can be really good in
talking !

* Can feel that after they read this post , they going to kill me !

Photo with my team guys !
Only a few of them proud to do the pose , and the rest just want to cover
the face , because a lot of people is looking at us ! We have gone crazy taking photo
and playing around like children .
Mr Yam and I !
I think my team-mates more excited than I do ! They say me till
my face super red ;x A lot of people looking that why shy la !

Before I end this post , Here is our group photo : )
We will be back in 3 month time to row once again , if you are interested to join
Kiyah-Splash , you can actually comment below and I will give you the email to
contact us !
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